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Why Gift Hope?

Research shows that over 20% of working professionals in the age group of 21 -45 are badly hit by issues triggered by poor reproductive system and the inability to conceive; Leading to depression, lack of enthusiasm, anxiety, and so on and these leads to absenteeism, loss of productivity and stress among coworkers.
Gift Hope is a campaign that is run in association with ELCIA and BBC- Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre that incubates close to 60 start-ups. This campaign is aimed at spreading awareness about Reproductive Health and Infertility with adults in the reproductive age bracket.


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What does Gift Hope do?

Gift Hope along with its partner organizations work closely with the HRs of various companies to create a sense of belonging and convey to them that there is help available.

We work on the various aspects that cause hindrances to the normal functioning of individuals and also with the HRs of companies.

First in this are the two handbooks created for Individuals and HRs.

Each of these handbooks are created for a specific purpose of ensuring there is ease of access to a lot of validated information that may not be found in an online search. Every single fact and figure in the handbook is the outcome of extensive research and medical guidance.

  For Hr

For Individual

  For Hr

For Individual