Genesis – Gift Hope


Today, besides the usual health challenges like stress, hypertension, diabetes and so on; reproductive health of employees is becoming a major factor in causing bottlenecks in organizations’ progress.

Genesis- birth of Gift Hope

Families gathered with their friends, fun was in the air! The entire gated community echoed rejoices. There was laughter, children playing, the salts & peppers engrossed in deep discussion of politics, glasses clang with ice and liquor, music deafened the ears as the dancing enthusiasts set the dance floor on fire, so much was happening on the annual day of Francis’ gated community.

Francis worked in an IT Multinational company as the HR Director and he was a social person. That day, with a glass of scotch he walked around the merriment engrossed in vibrant joy that being together spread. While he walked around, he noticed a few people were aloof, some walked alone like wanderers, there were others who sat in the crowd but were lost in their thoughts. One such couple was his neighbor, Shalini and Vishal. They were quite alright for many years, but have off late begun to cocoon themselves. This worried Francis.

He decided to talk to the couple outside their homes as they lived in a joint family. After probing in many ways, they opened up to the fact that they were trying to become parents from over 2 years and despite all the rituals and traditions they failed month on month. Vishal’s younger brother who was married for 2 years, already had a child. Shalini had started excluding herself.

Shockingly for Francis, despite being educated, they had not consulted an infertility specialist or even spoken to one as the word “infertility” was a taboo to be used.

Francis convinced them to visit his friend who was an infertility specialist. After a few months, their challenges were resolved and they were blessed with healthy baby.

Do all Shalini’s have Francis’? Can Francis be there everywhere?

Next week, Francis observed similar trends at work. At work it is a lot more complex as there is no mandate to have a personal relationship.

This disturbed him. He decided to do something about this- Reproductive Health and infertility. What did he do? Click here

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