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“Before you give up, think of the reason why you held on for so long”
and that’s why - Gift Hope".

About Gift Hope

We know your struggles, we know your journey, and we know that you are strong. Creating awareness about Reproductive Health in both men and women is essential for effective work life balance. We help in making your work place conducive to you and help you adapt to your environment while you go through some of the toughest patches of mood swings, rectifying reproductive health, infertility treatment, dealing with the society around you and volatility within yourself.


Company HR

Dear HR,
We know you care for your people and your day begins with a zillion challenges to be sorted. Worry not, we have deciphered the mystery behind some of the critical issues you face and are here to help you resolve them. Absenteeism, Productivity, Attrition, etc, may have something critical behind it- Fertility and Reproductive Health. These are factors that cannot be discounted and influence the employee behavior to an extent of altering the goals of the organization in totality.

Gift Hope works by spreading:
1. Awareness, then uses
2. Assessment, helps with
3. Consultation if required.
4. Screening
5. Access to Care
6. Clinical Intervention

Gift Hope is a people’s place. Processes are personalized and flexible to suit the changing requirements.
Because there is always hope,
'Gift Hope'


Hello Buddy,

How are you? You are looking for a friend, a guide and help for yourself and that’s why you are here. And you have arrived just right! If you are a woman, are you worrying about your menses troubling you? If you are a man, are you unable to become a parent although your wife is all fine?

Has conception been a primary issue? Do you think infertility or your generic reproductive health is the concern?

Let’s talk. Anonymity will be maintained and you can pour it out to us at Gift Hope.
We will help you feel better by analyzing and assessing your situation and help you resolve it.
Hope is what we would like to Gift You,
'Gift Hope'


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