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Its amazing how much you can achieve when it doesnt matter who gets the credit

Continuing from the Genesis let’s find out what Francis finally did about Reproductive Health and Infertility. After consulting the in-house male doctor in his organization, who was childless himself and had never imagined there could be an issue in his reproductive health, Francis realized that Lack of Awareness was the primary concern.
First step- was
Awareness. There was a challenge here. Infertility or reproductive health for that matter is extremely personal and no one would want to discuss it in the open. That barrier had to be broken, hence a promise of anonymity was essential.
Assessment – Not every individual required medical tests, simple lifestyle changes could do the magic. Yoga, meditation & counselling helped most people.
Screening- further screening is required.
Consultation with the right medical professional was the next step.
Clinical intervention if required.
With these, there was additional support system required. The employees faced tremendous amounts of stress due to lack of support from the HRs as the HRs of MNCs weren’t aware of what could be done, even they realized there was a problem.
This gave birth to Gift Hope, where there can be a one-stop-solution catering the specific needs of individuals and HRs of various companies.

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